Corporate Issuers' Alignment Disclosures

ISG is encouraging companies to articulate how their governance structures and practices align with the ISG’s Corporate Governance Principles and where and why they may differ in approach. ISG believes companies can best decide on how and where to disclose their alignment with the Principles.

To assist corporate issuers, Hope Mehlman, Executive Vice President, Chief Governance Officer, Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary, at Regions Financial Corporation, prepared and shared a chart to help guide corporate issuers through their disclosure decision making analysis. The chart is being shared with her permission.

Chart - US Listed Company Compliance with the ISG’s Corporate Governance Principles and Steps for Disclosing Such Compliance

Below is a list of corporate issuers by year with links to their public disclosures.

Note: The list of corporate issuers included below are examples; it is not an all-inclusive/exhaustive list. Any corporate issuer who has disclosed its alignment with the ISG Corporate Governance Principles who would like to be included on this list, should forward this information to the Weinberg Center at