Investor Stewardship Group

Endorsement Application Form
Asset Managers (non-U.S. only)

I, the undersigned, serving in the position of at hold that it is in the best interests of long-term value creation for shareholders that pledges its support for best practices in corporate governance and boardroom conduct.

We believe that it is the fiduciary responsibility of all asset managers to conduct themselves in accordance with the preconditions for responsible engagement in a manner that accrues to the best interests of stakeholders and society in general, and that in so doing they’ll help build a framework for promoting long-term value creation on behalf of U.S. companies and the broader U.S. economy.

As such, pledges its endorsement for the Investor Stewardship Group’s Corporate Governance Principles for U.S. Listed Companies as set forth below.

  • Boards are accountable to shareholders.
  • Shareholders should be entitled to voting rights in proportion to their economic interest.
  • Boards should be responsive to shareholders and be proactive in order to understand their perspectives.
  • Boards should have a strong, independent leadership structure.
  • Boards should adopt structures and practices that enhance their effectiveness.
  • Boards should develop management incentive structures that are aligned with the long-term strategy of the company.

Please send the completed form to In so doing, you agree to allow the Investor Stewardship Initiative to post your organization’s name, logo, and most recently published assets under management to its website at